Broad money supply continues to decline in July


Macau’s broad money supply fell 0.7 percent month-on-month to 690.2 billion patacas (about $ 86.2 billion) in July with a stable share of patacas, the organization said on Friday. monetary supervision of the special administrative region.

According to statistics released by the Macao Monetary Authority, currency in circulation rose 0.6% while overnight deposits fell 0.3%. M1 therefore fell slightly by 0.1% compared to the previous month.

Meanwhile, quasi-monetary liabilities fell 0.8%. The sum of these two items, that is to say the broad money supply or M2, decreased by 0.7% to 690.2 billion patacas.

On an annual basis, M1 and M2 decreased by 0.7% and 2.6% respectively.

The shares of the pataca, Hong Kong dollar, renminbi and US dollar in M2 were 35.1%, 49.9%, 5.8% and 7.5%, respectively.

Resident deposits fell 0.7% from the previous month to Pt.670.8 billion while non-resident deposits increased 1.6% to Pt 365.8 billion.

At the same time, public sector deposits with the banking sector fell 0.6% to 265.1 billion patacas.

As a result, total deposits in the banking sector edged down 0.1% from the previous month to 1,301.7 billion Patacas.

Domestic loans to the private sector increased 0.7 percent from the previous month to Pt557.7 billion, while foreign loans fell 6.3 percent to Pt745.8 billion.

As a result, total lending to the private sector fell 3.5% from the previous month to Patacas 1,303.5 billion.

At the end of July 2021, the loan / deposit ratio for the resident sector fell from 58.8% at the end of June to 59.6%.

Meanwhile, the ratio for the resident and non-resident sectors declined from 103.7% to 100.1%. (1 pataca equals 0.125 US dollar)

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