Business Loan:  Kick Your Business with a Loan!

Business Loan: Kick Your Business with a Loan!

The day came with a great day and with it your decision to start a business. And suddenly you realized that you would need some capital to start a business. Or have you reached a crossroads in your business, whose direction may be the development of a company, the improvement of production technologies or its expansion, and the only problem is the lack of money? The solution is simple, take advantage of our offer. A business loan will help you start your business or support its development, and thus your subsequent profit.

Who is this loan for?

Who is this loan for?

A business loan complements the offer of bank and non-bank loans and gives you the opportunity to reach business finance. A business loan and its drawdown is available only to persons or firms with an assigned identification number (ID) and the right to do business in the Czech Republic. According to the purpose for which the entrepreneur wants to borrow money, we can divide them into investment and operating . A special type of loan for entrepreneurs is a loan with a guarantee of the European Investment Fund (EIF). In addition, banks exclusively offer products of higher bank overdrafts or credit cards , which are tailor-made for the particular entrepreneur.

  • Investment loans

Investment loans are for those who want to expand their business. In the real life of the entrepreneur it is mainly about:

  • purchase of new machines or technologies
  • purchase, construction or reconstruction of the property

Investment loans have a longer maturity since they tend to be higher, typically 15-30 years. Given the length of time the client repays the loan, banks and non-banks can set an acceptable (lower) interest rate. The conditions for arranging an investment business loan are set individually by each bank.

  • Operating loans

Operating loans are often sought because they help entrepreneurs finance the day-to-day business of the company. This type of loan can be used to:

  • purchase of material or goods for frontloading
  • financing production operations

The interesting thing is that operating loans for entrepreneurs tend to be non-purpose, so banks will not require you to describe the use of borrowed funds accurately and, in some cases, there is no need to guarantee property.

  • European Investment Fund (EIF) guaranteed loans

The EIF is one of the loans that can be earned by small and medium-sized enterprises, which employ a maximum of 250 employees, and their annual turnover is up to 1.3 billion. Are you one of them? Then you can get a loan with a guarantee from the European Investment Fund . The amount of this loan is not precisely determined and each bank chooses the maximum and minimum amount that the entrepreneur lends.

  • Overdraft loans and credit cards

Overdraft loans for entrepreneurs could be classified as operating loans. When negotiating a business account with a bank, you will be offered the option to draw an overdraft loan, the value of which is often much higher than for personal accounts. For this type of loan, it is necessary to comply with the rules for its repayment, most often banks recommend entrepreneurs to repay an overdraft loan once a year so that they do not get higher interest. Interesting bonuses are set for business credit cards , for example, you do not pay any interest when using them for non-cash payments.

We Follow the Rules – Our Overdraft for You

We Follow the Rules - Our Overdraft for You

We are a decent and fair company , so we offer entrepreneurs the possibility to draw on us an overdraft loan. It means that your account, where you have reached freezing point, does not freeze. An overdraft will allow you to go on the business account to the minus. And because we are a decent company, we offer you an overdraft where you only pay interest on the amount of money you use, not the total amount that your overdraft provides. Overdraft is a very popular form of business loan because:

  • serves as a financial reserve for unexpected expenses
  • it can buy material and new goods from it
  • it is usable for minor repairs and modifications of the company premises

Our company can offer you several types of loans to fulfill your business plans:

  • Short-term loan

A short-term loan from our company meets all the parameters required by experienced entrepreneurs. Although it is a loan, thanks to which you will get less money from us – several thousand crowns, you can use it very well to support your business. For more information on terms and conditions for entrepreneurs, please visit the short-term loan page .

  • Long-term loan

Long-term non-bank loan which will provide our company is the best choice for entrepreneurs. Given our speed and discretion, you’ll get more money to support or start up a few days. We provide a long-term loan for twenty years, which means a maximum of 240 monthly installments for you. A monthly payment is also acceptable, which ranges from 12 to 18% pa according to the client’s creditworthiness. All parameters of long-term loan provision by our company can be found on the long-term loan sub-page.

  • Individual Loan

An individual loan from our company offers entrepreneurs unique conditions to support their own business. We always provide a loan for a period of one year, after which we guarantee a fixed interest rate. This interest rate will be recorded in the contract we will prepare for you. It ranges between 12 and 24% pa. What is essential is that in twelve monthly installments you pay only the agreed portion of the interest so that you can spend the entire loan effectively on your business during the year. More about individual loan options we bring to you in section Individual Loan.

  • Overdraft account

Except mentioned, our company offers business loans in the form of overdraft . For this type of loan, we also keep the rules mentioned in the previous sections, giving you the money available for an immediate use account. However, you only pay interest on the money you actually used. And this is what allows you to keep your business reserves within your reach.

The functioning of our business loan

The functioning of our business loan

The business credit we provide is among the most reliable and safest. We are committed to fair and honest behavior, and the client is always a priority for us. Overdraft works very much like ordinary bank overdrafts. This will allow you to draw a pre-approved amount, with all your funds at hand. Of course, we only pay interest on the actually drawn amount that you currently have. In addition, interest accrues only for a specific number of days per month. Does it look great to you? Yes it is so – we will provide you with the money for your business, for which you will pay interest only if you actually use it.

Who can draw a business loan with us?

Many experience has led our company to believe that the satisfaction of our clients is essential, so we recommend drawing   business loans for the following purposes:

  • Creating a financial reserve that you will always have available – probably the most common purpose of using our business loan.
  • Not paying unnecessary interest on money that has not been used – that is more than tempting because each one of us is probably asking, “Why do I have to pay interest for something I haven’t spent?”
  • Paying the full amount at any time and without interest – we pride ourselves on having clients who are able to pay the entire amount of the loan prematurely without having to pay unnecessary interest. The loan is free of unnecessary interest.
  • Business Loan After Bank Failure – Some bank rules unfortunately restrict you to such an extent that you do not reach a business loan. Do not despair, we are here for you and believe that we will do our best to help you.

For example, you can ask for a loan when you have a property to secure a business loan.

Processing a business loan

Our company is based on close communication with the client , so after your online submission of the completed application for a business loan we immediately call and consult with you your requirements. You will learn the necessary information. Our employee will choose the product that is most suitable for you and will familiarize you with our loan terms (interest rate, installment amount, repayment period, etc.). At the same time, in a telephone conversation, you will learn which documents need to be secured to conclude a credit agreement. After approval of the loan, we will prepare for you a contract documentation, which we will go through with you before signing. After signing the contracts, we will pay you the agreed funds. The loan can therefore be obtained very easily.

Settlement of a business loan in points

Settlement of a business loan in points

  1. Submission of an online application
  2. Telephone consultation
  3. Choosing the best product and getting to know the terms of the loan
  4. Providing the necessary documents
  5. Contract approval and signature
  6. Transfer funds to your account

We believe in our abilities and skills, and therefore in the products we offer our clients. At the same time, we are aware that entrepreneurs are a very important group of people who give a job to many people and in some moments they also need to move their business further or even start a new business. Such activities are very expensive and not everyone can now afford to create a sufficient margin for making their plans. Right now, our business loans are here for you. So do not hesitate to contact our staff who will provide you with the necessary information.

A loan from our company will definitely help you.