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Every traveler has a home and as such, they learn to appreciate it better as they wander. For CM MP Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa, who has recently become something of a political traveler – literally and figuratively – it was a sweet homecoming when he reached Dharowali, his hometown of the seat of the assembly of Dera Baba Nanak, earlier this week. What awaited him was indeed a gala reception with serpentine lines in front of his residence. Kamaljeet Singh Tony, his longtime devotee, has ensured that the ubiquitous dholi remains present. Randhawa, over the years, has successfully climbed the peaks and troughs of political life to become a more mature man and politician than he ever was. The impetuosity and effrontery that we used to associate with it earlier have been replaced by tranquility and calm. He has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that these qualities do indeed come with a certain responsibility and accountability. He may not have the serenity of a Buddhist monk, but he is very close to achieving it nonetheless. Prior to 2012, when he was not a Member of Parliament, he was the “eternal not-so-angry young man of the region”. He would blow a fuse at the drop of a hat. His run-ins with his great rival and leader SAD Sucha Singh Langah are well known to be illustrated time and time again. As the 2012 election approached, he had a verbal altercation with Langah, who threatened to snowball into a major controversy before common sense prevailed. It’s another matter that Langah was wiped off the political map after appearing in a voyeuristic video, which went viral ahead of the 2017 parliamentary poll. Politically speaking, out of love for all, the video ensured it was 1 -0 for Randhawa. Once, at a meeting of the Gurdaspur District Oversight and Oversight Committee, chaired by then-Lok ​​Sabha MP Partap Singh Bajwa, Randhawa gave the officers a taste of his medicine. Subsequently, officials were most often reluctant to attend meetings where Randhawa would attend. One thing is certain that he followed the path of righteousness and righteousness in these meetings. It was inevitable that lost officials came into the crosshairs. A former deputy commissioner admits that Sukhjinder has always maintained high morals, just as his father and former cabinet minister Santokh Singh Randhawa did. Now Randhawa faces no opposition in his assembly seat, neither from within Congress nor from outside. His stature and stock have grown exponentially. So much so that Akalis and AAP are planning to field a celebrity against him in the 2021 polls. Famous Batala surgeon, Dr Satnam Singh Nijjar, has been following Sukhjinder’s career chart closely. “Like father like son. The son has absorbed almost all of his father’s qualities. If you don’t have a right goal, you will end up in pain. When you do the right thing for the right reason, the right results await you. And that’s what the Randhawa family stood for, “said Dr Nijjar, who was as well known to Elder Randhawa as to his son. As for the homecoming, hundreds of supporters came to Dharowali. After the deputy CM’s 30-car cavalcade entered Dera Baba Nanak, it was forced to stop at least a dozen times by its supporters. Sukhjinder gave explicit instructions to his drivers to stop them at least a dozen times. stop their vehicle if someone, whether a man, woman or child, signals them to stop. Truth be told, coming home never gets old! The only thing voters lament is this. is that since his status was raised to that of Deputy CM, his security has become as strict as it has been for the Picasso in the National Gallery in London.

Batala resident wants political system to change

Professor Jasmer Singh Rana, resident of Batala, has strong opinions on the current configuration of political parties and also on the character of modern politicians. He believes that every political group seeks to gain cheap popularity based on religion, caste and regionalism. “Before, people joined the political stream to serve. Now they are joining together to make sure that someone is there to serve them day in and day out. This trend is also visible in parties at the national level. Candidates are elected these days on the basis of their caste, not performance. In fact, caliber and performance should be the only qualities on which applicants should be selected. Political parties should be groups of people who come together because of a shared common vision for their community. These groups should meet regularly, create platforms that represent their vision and values, and then send members to be elected to assemblies and parliament, ”he said. Words of wisdom, surely Mr. Rana! But the problem is, no one will heed your advice in this materialistic world where the dog eats dog.

Veterinary inspectors congratulate ministers

The Punjab Veterinary Inspectors Association recently congratulated Deputy CM Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa and Cabinet Minister Tript Rajinder Singh Bajwa. Press Secretary Kishen Chand Mahajan said the association hopes the two ministers will address their long-standing issues, including the implementation of the salary commission report. “We have informed them of our difficulties and have been assured that all our requests will soon be met,” said Mahajan.

(Contribution by Ravi Dhaliwal)


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