How Democrats Destroy People


One of the best examples of the modern Democratic Party’s debauchery and perverse ideology can be found in Covid’s latest ‘relief’ bill, which was supposed to allocate some $ 1.9 trillion to help poor victims closures underway ordered by government officials. .

Instead, it was a bald sop for Democratic special interests, a cynical vote-buying ploy, and a way to neutralize a large chunk of low-wage workers, the same people Democrats claim to want to help (often with tears). in their eyes and in their trembling mouths).

First, it is essential to know that the vast majority of funds are not intended for Covid relief, direct or indirect. Most go to various progressive and blue state causes such as state government debt relief, student loan cancellation, Obamacare grants, and other wishlist items. liberals. Biden’s annoying spokeswoman Jen Psaki admitted this when she said the bill was in fact “the most progressive bill in history.”

So much for fair dealing and transparency. But this is normal for our democratic friends, who “never want a serious crisis to be wasted”. We know they are chronically using the suffering of normal Americans to push more government control and ideological conformity down our collective throats.

But what’s particularly irritating about this bill is its extension of additional federal unemployment benefits until September 2021. Granted, the weekly amount has been reduced from $ 600 to $ 300, so they seem to do. a concession to common sense, but it is not. at the end.

I will even grant that the extension of these benefits was made by many Democrats for genuine reasons, but that does not excuse them for not fully considering the impacts of such policies and for making the most responsible choice for Americans, especially those supposedly intended for aid. .

In effect, this provision has deterred workers who earn less than $ 18 an hour from working. Heck, even if you make $ 20 or $ 22 an hour, it must be attractive to stay home for slightly less pay.

First, know that the U.S. national unemployment rate is 6%, which is higher than before the pandemic (it was at an all-time low of 3.6% due to Trump’s economic policies) . But that’s not far from the 15% level reached in April 2020 due to government-imposed closures.

In fact, Georgia’s unemployment rate fell to 4.6%. We are not in a situation where an unprecedented number of people are chronically unemployed. In fact, we have the opposite: companies are unable to find entry-level and low-level workers because these workers have an incentive to stay at home.

If unemployment benefits ended or even were limited only to people directly made redundant due to Covid shutdowns, I could understand. But these benefits are available to anyone who has lost their job for any reason, and the latest version adopted only by Democrats even extends the benefits to people who leave their jobs.

Yes, it’s true. You can go to work somewhere for a month or so, quit and apply for unemployment.

Now I was young once. I understand why some of the low-wage cohort would make the somewhat rational choice to stay home and earn the same if not more than going to work. Talk about easy money! But what does it do to these people in the long run?

First, it sends a very clear signal that Democrats will give them free money for doing nothing. If this isn’t a blatant – but a cynical – ploy to buy votes, I don’t know what it is.

But they buy these votes at the expense of the independence and dignity of the voters. This policy actually encourages people to avoid work, to avoid the dignity and convenience of working to support themselves and others. It encourages addiction, laziness and bad habits.

This kind of class for a young person, who may be struggling with a lack of education, self-esteem, motivation or potential, can be absolutely devastating. It sends exactly the wrong signal and tells them that it is okay to play the system in order to receive money that you did not earn, money that, by the way, is taken from working people.

In other words, it creates hope that the government, by taxing productive members of society, will provide for those who choose to be unproductive. Not those who cannot be productive because of an unavoidable condition. This is for those who may make a bad choice if presented, and in this case it is the Democrats who present this option and encourage them to take the easy way out.

What are the possible outcomes of this situation?

It is certain that this person’s desire to work and to fend for themselves will be diminished to a varying extent, which will adversely affect their future ability to be responsible and increase their income through hard work.

This will make it more difficult for them to get married, support a family, or continue their education. It will be difficult for them to earn a real “living wage,” as Democrats keep gossiping. Why work hard on these things if the government gives you money one way or another?

The people who will benefit from this largesse will certainly be more motivated to vote Democrat, because they are the ones who do it all. It is natural self-interest. But make no mistake: it’s the Democrats who are using your money to buy votes. It is truly deplorable.

It would be more understandable if they used the millions of dollars they raise for their campaigns to pay people to vote for them. At least the money comes from willing participants, but the Covid Bill buys votes using money from people who did not vote for them, and was not intended for such a purpose.

Another possible outcome is that this additional unemployment benefit will be extended indefinitely. When the month of September arrives and these payments end, the Dems will shed their crocodile tears and tell us that they must continue these payments for the sake of these poor souls who still cannot find a job … in because of the closures imposed mainly by the democratic regimes. Once this “temporary” measure becomes permanent, the fix is ​​in place and the ruin of the individual work ethic for much of the population will be set in stone.

Economically, the economy’s potential growth will be hampered because businesses cannot find workers to support it. I have a friend at a large corporation who is actively cutting back on his growth plans because he can’t recruit enough workers right now.

Another way to put it: Democrats are hampering economic growth by encouraging workers to stay at home, thereby undermining the funding mechanism needed to pay for these additional benefits. It’s hard to invent this thing!

This situation was of course made worse by the ‘stimulus’ checks, which represented another unearned and unnecessary gift of money, which many economists believe will lead to inflation as the money supply artificially increases and drives out. less goods. When these people finally return to work, assuming someone hires someone who has voluntarily stayed at home, the money they earn will buy less goods and services, which will discourage them from working and make them dependent. , again, government assistance in one form or another. .

Do you see how pernicious it is? It encourages laziness; this will make workers who opt for this program much less attractive to future employers, which will reduce their chances of finding rewarding future work; it limits economic growth; As a result, Democrats get more votes than they bought with taxpayer money; it encourages dependence, not independence; it will likely increase costs for all of us, disproportionately hurting the poor.

All of this is obvious to anyone who has studied basic economics or understands human nature. Even though there are lawmakers who do not naturally understand such things, they should have been responsible and relied on the facts and theories that explain such a scenario.

But they didn’t because, again, this move just helps secure their power, make them appear compassionate, and make an ever-greater portion of our population dependent on their whims.

This, my friends, is what it really is. And politicians and their friends in the media might not care how much this hurts the country as long as they are responsible for it. Better to be the king of a ruined nation than the peon of a free and prosperous nation.

Trey hoffman

Peachtree City, Georgia

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