Loan Insurance: compare, rates and reviews

compare loan insurance

Everyone is aware that some people take risks to protect them, we want to talk about the military, police and firefighters. But they are badly rewarded because when they take out a mortgage (whatever the bank), they will object that they will have to pay a premium of insurance borrower because they exercise a risky occupation!

This is how financial organizations and banks do not feel or recognize … that would be known!

Fortunately, these trades have organized and have specific mutuals capable of granting them a borrower insurance rate reasonable. This is the case of Unéo , which originally was a complementary health that has diversified by developing this insurance specific borrower for the military.

What are the possibilities of borrower insurance for people whose job is classified as “at risk”?

A soldier, has 3 options to ensure his mortgage:

  1. He can choose to take out group insurance from the bank that grants him his loan.
  2. He can choose the Unéo individual borrower insurance.
  3. He can make several requests to different insurers , compare them with the Unéo offer and that of the bank, then choose the best offer.

As far as we are concerned, we prefer, by far, this third option, especially since there are borrower insurance comparators with whom it is possible to obtain several quotes by only making one request.

It should nevertheless be known that individual insurers will have a premium linked to the riskiness of the profession. But recent advances in credit insurance (total opening to competition), have significantly lowered insurance rates. Therefore it may be interesting to make tariff comparisons. Especially since those do not engage in anything.

How to compare?

  • The price of an insurance borrower is based on several criteria, the most important of course being the amount of mortgage
  • Compulsory guarantees are set by the bank.

Therefore to request rates for the purpose of comparing them must know both the exact amount of the loan and the level of collateral required by the banker. In this way the tariff proposals will all be calculated on the same basis, so the comparison will be very easy.