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Battles for the takeover of supermarket chain Morrisons and aerospace group Meggitt mean the two companies will join the FTSE 100, in the latest UK stock market reshuffle announced tonight.

The Bank of England has appointed another Goldman Sachs alumnus to a prominent central bank post, Huw Pill succeeding Andy Haldane as chief economist.

The Opec + group is committed to pursuing its policy of gradually increasing oil productiont, despite the upward revision of its demand outlook for 2022 and pressure from the United States to increase production faster.

Global manufacturing growth slowed to lowest rate in six monthss, such as supplier delays, rising raw material costs and staff shortages all hamper production. However, growth remained robust in many countries in August, despite a slowdown in production and growth in new orders and large-scale supply chain issues.

In the UK, factories were forced to raise prices in response to a near record rise in input costs, as supply chain problems hit the industry.

Savvy economists that truck driver shortages, Covid-19 outbreaks and parts shortages are all serious, with small businesses most at risk.

Chain of ads Soup spoons feels the impact – running out of some beer brands including Carling, Coors and Heineken.

Additionally, there are signs that driver shortages and the costs of Brexit-induced bureaucracy are starting to weigh on household budgets, with prices rising in stores ….

Stratford-upon-Avon relaunching a traditional recruitment campaign dating back to medieval times to help ease modern pressure on hospitality workers in the region.

The town of Warwickshire, the birthplace of Shakespeare, is launching the employment and learning event in conjunction with its annual October funfair, known as the ‘Mop Fair’.

Eurozone factories also saw growth hit a six-month low, although unemployment in the euro area also fell, with more than 300,000 people finding jobs in July.

The day started with an unexpected surge in UK house prices – up 2.1% in August, the second largest monthly increase in 15 years.

This added nearly £ 5,000 to the average property as the property market continued to thrive following the partial end of the government’s stamp duty holiday in England and Northern Ireland.

The Financial Reporting Council has filed a formal complaint against KPMG and several of its current and former employees for allegedly providing “false and misleading information” regarding its audits of the outsourcing companies Carillion and Regenesis.

Google is appealing a € 500million (£ 430million) fine imposed by France’s antitrust watchdog after a dispute with local media over payment for news content.

Workers at the GKN automotive engineering plant in Birmingham voted in favor of the strike as part of a campaign to prevent the plant from shutting down.

Employees voted overwhelmingly for measures to save the plant and more than 500 skilled jobs. Some of the work carried out in Birmingham is expected to be transferred overseas to other GKN factories.

The owner of the Port Talbot steel plant suffered an annual loss of £ 347million as the pandemic hit demand, but insisted its finances are healthier after its parent company, Tata, injected nearly £ 1billion in equity.

And an increase in spending on leisure, entertainment and dining in the UK has made the August public holiday the busiest August holiday for consumer activity since the pre-pandemic Christmas of 2019.

Barclaycard data showed individuals were not disheartened by the weather that looked like fall and the rise in Covid-19 infections, with transactions up 14.4% in the same long weekend. end in 2020 and 9.4% more than in 2019.

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