As BJP calls murder of boss a ‘security flaw’, J&K Police issues new security advisory


While the ruling BJP has called the recent killing of one of its leaders by activists a “lack of security,” Jammu and Kashmir police have issued a new advisory to protected persons asking them not to s ‘venture without a proper safety assessment.

“No beneficiary should go anywhere without PSO. Visits are only authorized after an assessment of local threats on the ground. The demand is on all beneficiaries not to violate the SOPs and risk their lives unnecessarily (sic), ”Kashmir Police Chief Vijay Kumar said in a tweet.

The new notice came after activists on Wednesday evening shot dead a BJP adviser Rakesh Pandita in Pulwama district in southern Kashmir on his way to his friend’s house. Pandita had received two Personal Security Officers (PSOs) and secure accommodation in Srinagar by the authorities.

However, when militants attacked him, Pandita was without a PSO as he defied standard operating procedure (SoP) and traveled to his home village of Pulwama without his safety.

But BJP general secretary Ashok Koul, while calling Pandita’s murder a “security flaw”, asked why security agencies weren’t aware that three militants were roaming the area?

“Isn’t that a security breach? He said and asked the government to admit failures on his part.

Sources said that after the incident, an overhaul of protected person security coverage was initiated by J&K police and that new SOPs were being formed to thwart any offers from activists to target politicians. , in particular those associated with the Safran party.

In 2020, five BJP leaders were killed in a series of assassinations targeted by militants. There was a review of security arrangements and most of the BJP leaders received secure accommodation in Srinagar, in addition to two or three PSOs.

“If only two PSOs were with him (Pandita), they would have killed the militants before they killed him. The job of the police is to ensure the safety of anyone who is the target of activists, ”said a senior police official. DH.

When asked if there was a breach of security by the police during the murder of Pandita, he replied: “If the protected person himself violates the SOPs, he becomes an easy target. for activists. Going to an unstable place like Pulwama without security and informing the relevant police is like committing suicide, ”the officer added.

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