Fort Payne medical supply company experiences shortages


FORT PAYNE, Alabama (WAFF) – Hospital staff take care of patients.

And there is also pressure on companies that provide medical supplies to housebound patients.

“She might be home with us for her 70th birthday, and we haven’t seen her for over 30 days,” said Michelle Whited.

Whited is the babysitter of his mother, Shirley Vester.

Vester was ill in hospital for a month and had to go to a rehabilitation center before being released to return home.

Fortunately, Whited was able to make it to Complete Care and purchased medical supplies such as a wheelchair, bedside toilet and hospital bed for her mother’s recovery at home.

“We were able to have dinner with her. Where she was in a facility when she was in covid containment, we could see her through the window or face to face, ”Whited said.

Complete Care also supplies equipment and oxygen tanks to patients requiring home care.

But due to a nationwide shortage, Leigh Ann Mathews said she was unable to place orders.

“If you need an oxygen tank or a reserve, then we run into the problem of getting replacement tanks. We’re trying to order extra cylinders that you see on a cart, and they tell us 4-6 months to get them in, ”Matthews said.

In addition to equipment shortages and delays, Mathews said they have to shell out more money due to price increases.

“Not only did the price go up, but there is now an additional shipping surcharge per machine and before the pandemic if we placed an order for an oxygen tank we would have it in 2-3 days most of the time. time, “Mathieu said.

Matthews said to meet demand and the increase in calls, they have added additional duty staff and drivers.

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