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Dear Sir,

After attending the religious service in the compound of Chainda accompanied by a phalanx of press teams as has become your habit whenever you have chosen to attend religious gatherings, you have issued very alarming statements. which bordered on the threat to our national cohesion and security.

This was in reference to President Hakainde Hichilema’s choice to appoint the commanders of our security wings, and of course the presidents of our august house – Parliament.

You were quoted in the September 6, 2021 issue of News Diggers as follows: “It’s up to you to judge who wants to. Because I have heard remarks in Parliament like One Zambia, One Region and it is worrying. It is a political declaration, One Zambia, One Region or One Zambia, One Nation. If we see what’s going on, we’re worried. Seriously, I think they should do more on the One Zambia, One Nation motto to ensure that it is visible in the practical implementation of policy decisions and also in the positioning of people.

With all due respect, Sir, it is hypocritical of you to talk about tribal balance now that you have neglected to do so for seven years in power! Your very stay at State House has been marred by crass tribalism and regionalism!

You are the same person who saw nothing wrong with your senior government officials making derogatory remarks against other ethnic groups. Have you ever blamed your running mate Nkandu Luo and other ministers who spoke badly of a certain tribe? Who sponsored Chishimba Kambwili to fly across the country in recent same-ethnic demonization campaigns? Wasn’t it you or your cronies?

In case you forgot, sir, you are the same person who as Home Secretary wanted me to be charged with treason in 2012 or there, when I wrote an article titled ” THE SATA FAMILY FOREST EXPLAINED ”. The article went further by detailing how the PF government tried to appoint cabinet ministers and senior officials from a particular region to the detriment of others. Obviously, that didn’t suit you since you are the apostle of tribalism, and therefore you wanted me to doom myself to hell.

As encouraged by President Hichilema when swearing in his officials, I took the time to scrutinize his cabinet and, of course, compare it with yours – it stinks of absolute tribalism and regionalism! You had completely ignored people in certain parts of the country simply because they had not voted for you. What sort of father of the nation were you?

I now list the two examples below so that citizens can form their own opinion:

President Edgar Lungu’s cabinet

Vice-President – Inonge Wina (West).

Presidential affairs – Liberty Sikazwe (North region).

Defense – Davis Chama (Center).

Home Affairs – Steven Kampyongo (Northern region).

Finances – Bwalya Ng’andu (North region).

National Development and Planning – Alexander Chiteme (Center).

Foreign Affairs – Joseph Malanji (North West)

Justice – Given Lubinda (Western).

Commerce Commerce & Industry – Christopher Yaluma (Northern region).

Health – Chitalu Chilufya (Jonas Chanda) (North region).

Mines & Minerals Development – Richard Musukwa (North region).

Mathews Energy – Nkhuwa (East).

Local government – Charles Banda (East).

Housing and Infrastructure Development – Vincent Mwale (East).

Information and dissemination services – Dora Siliya (East).

Tourism & Arts Ronald Chitotela – (Northern region).

Lands – Jean Kapata (North-West).

Agriculture – Michael Katambo – (Copper).

Works & Procurement – Sylvia Chalikosa – (Northern Region).

Work – Joyce Nonde-Simukoko – (North region).

General education – Dennis Wanchinga – (North region).

Religious Affairs – Godfridah Sumaili – (North region).

Chefs & Traditional Affairs – Lawrence Sichalwe – (North region).

Community development – Mulenga Kampamba – (North region).

Fishing and breeding – Nkandu Luo (northern region).

Higher Education – Brian Mushimba (Northern Region).

Youth & Sport – Elias Mulenga (North region)

Water development – Raphael Nakachinda – (South).

Genre – Elizabeth Phiri – (East).

Office of the President – Olipa Mwansa – (Northern Region).

NB: Due to the similarity of names in the northern parts of our country, I have combined the northern provinces, Luapula and Muchinga to make it easier for our people to understand.

Ministerial posts in the Lungu government were distributed as follows:

North – 17, South – 1, Northwest – 2, West – 2, Copperbelt – 1, Center – 1, East – 6, Lusaka – 0 regions.

This cabinet was dominated by people from two particular regions – the North and the East. What unity have you strived to demonstrate as espoused in our motto One Zambia, One Nation? It is a national scandal and it must never be allowed to happen again!

Office of President Hichilema

Vice-president – Mutale Nalumango (North region).

Defense – Ambrose Lufuma (Northwest).

Home Affairs – Jack Mwimbu (South).

Finances – Situmbeko Musotwane (West).

Foreign Affairs – Stanley Kakubo (Center).

Energy – Kapala Chibwe (Northern region).

Mines & Minerals Development – Paul Kabuswe (North region).

Water and sanitation – Mike Mposha (Lusaka).

Health – Sylvia Masebo (Lusaka).

Education – Douglas Syakalima (South).

Community development – Doreen Mwamba (North region).

Work – Brenda Tambatamba (Northwest)

Lands and natural resources – Elijah Muchima (North West).

Transport & Logistics – Frank Tayali (Copperbelt).

Justice – Mulambo Haimbe (South).

Infrastructures and urban development – Charles Milupi (West).

Technology & Science – Felix Mutati (North region).

Commerce & Industry – Chipoka Mulenga (North region).

Agriculture – Mutolo Phiri (East).

Information & Media – Chushi Kasanda (Center).

Small and medium-sized enterprises – Elias Mubanga (North region).

Local government and housing – Gary Nkombo (South).

Livestock and fishing – Makozo Chikote (West).

Tourism – Rodney Sikumba (South).

Green economy and environment – Collins Nzovu (Center).

Youth & Sport – Elvis Nkandu (North region).

NB: In this cabinet, the positions are distributed as follows: Regions of North – 8, South – 5, North-West – 3, West – 3, Copperbelt – 1, Center – 3, East – 1, Lusaka – 2.

You can conclude from this list that Bally bent over backwards to ensure that his cabinet represents a national character in accordance with the promise made in the election. All the provinces are represented… that’s how it should be! You must apologize for the various crimes you committed during your tenure.

Prince Bill M Kaping’a

Political and social analyst.


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