Underworld banker ‘MessyZebra’ ‘smashed’ £ 1million in dirty money for drug bosses


An underworld banker has ‘donated’ £ 1million of dirty money to the cocaine and cannabis bosses.

Kevin Allan acted as a gangland accountant and oversaw the counting (or “leafing”) of ill-gotten gains.

The 40-year-old is said to use the EncroChat encrypted phone platform to inform drug bosses of their earnings, dealing in hundreds of thousands of pounds at a time.

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But when the secret messaging service was hacked by the police, EncroChat users and their illicit transactions were discovered.

As a result, Allan, using the handle of EncroChat ‘MessyZebra’, was arrested and charged, and appeared at Liverpool Crown Court this week.

Charles Lander, prosecuting, said Allan’s responsibilities include counting money, picking up and depositing money totaling £ 1million.

Mr Lander said: “He is actually the ‘money man’.

The inference from the messages is that the defendant collects money from the proceeds from the sale of Class A and Class B drugs, as well as counting and preparing the money which is then used to pay for the purchase of drugs.

“The messages show that hundreds of thousands of pounds are being traded on a regular basis and that the accused is acting under the direction of another individual who operates an encrypted handle called a ‘ThinSoldier’.”

In a post on April 18, 2020, Allan messaged ThinSoldier and said, “Hello my boy got some change here from Clint needs flickin.”

A few days later, Allan tells ThinSoldier that he “just finished it” and writes “it now looks like 100,000 and not 105,000 … with those 100,000 here we have a total of 306,600” .

Mr Lander said that ThinSoldier then told Allan “OK boy, take away 600 for you” meaning his payment for counting the money was £ 600.

Kevin Allan was the ‘money man’ for a £ 1million EncroChat cocaine conspiracy

Callum Ross, defending, said Allan had confirmed he was being paid around £ 175 per week for his cash counting services.

In another post, ThinSoldier asks Allan “Hello boy, can you pass someone 86k” to which Allan replied “no worries when he wants to catch” before later confirming that the trade took place.

At one point, Allan tells ThinSoldier “got 474,200 in total” after receiving “the change here from Clint”.

Mr Lander said the suggestion was that Allan received £ 910 for these transactions.

ThinSoldier said “what’s no change people are working on in men so it’s hard work you put him to bed decently” to which Allan said. replied “it is hidden in the attic”.

In an EncroChat post on May 14, 2020, Allan told ThinSolider “he got $ 200,000 change and part of casa-santo doesn’t know how much .. everything needs flickin.”

The court heard that Allan had already been convicted in 2005 of possession of cannabis with intent to supply it, for which he had been jailed for two years.

Allan, of Watergate Way, Woolton, admitted a conspiracy to supply cocaine, cannabis and a conspiracy to convert criminal property between December 29, 2019 and May 30, 2020.

Mr Ross said his client “understands that he is only responsible for himself to be in the position in which he finds himself”.

Referring to a letter from Allan to the judge, Mr Ross said it showed “genuine remorse” and a “level of recognition” of the impact of his crimes on society at large.

He wrote in the letter that he had “put himself over his head.”

Mr Ross said other references showed that Allan was “a family man” as well as “kind, caring, supportive, caring”.

He said Allan was “approached and said he could make money easily” and “things got out of hand from there”.

Mr Ross said his client has a five-year-old son and a longtime partner who “will struggle without him on a daily basis.”

Sentencing Judge David Aubrey, QC, said Allan played a “full role” because “those above you were determined to make as much money as possible from the provision. of controlled drugs “.

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The judge said that as a result, Allan “traded in despair and destitution”.

Justice Aubrey said: “As you all too well know, drugs wreak havoc on people’s lives and cause misery and discouragement.”

The judge said: “You thought you were invincible and protected by the same phone you were using and that turned out to be your downfall and now your partner and your five year old son, who has a number of issues, will be left without a father for a long time.

“You should have thought about it before you let yourself be drawn into such activities.

The court heard that Allan had “something like 22 contacts” on his EncroChat phone.

Judge Aubrey said: “You were an integral part of the operation. You clearly had at least one operational function.”

The judge said: “It is clear from the references I have received that you are capable of being a hardworking, industrious and caring person.”

Allan was jailed for eight and a half years.

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